The Shit List
Do you have a shit list? I have a shit list. It’s a list of all sorts of things really. Attitudes, companies, restaurants, even people in some cases that I am DONE with! Do you hear me? Done! Once someone/something makes the shit list. I wipe my ass with them. Sorry if that sounds rude but that’s the way it has to be sometimes. Look, sorry if this is not a happy topic but think of it like this, when you shit; you wipe, you flush, and it’s gone. You never think of that turd ever again. You know in your mind without any thought process whatsoever that you didn’t need that in your body. So why do we have such as issue letting go of things that are no good for our life? No Bullshit Let them go! Walk away and never give it another thought. Let’s break it down to different things so I can show you what I mean by walk away. Attitude – I will not deal with a pissed off person. There is no need, they are NOT going to listen to anything or anyone when they are pissed off. I walk away and wait it out. Once they calm down we can chat again. Online that means I refrain from arguing with people that are insistent their way is the only way. Companies – That is sort of what prompted this post today. I have worked with for over a year now and recommended them several times as the price and features are great. However, this morning I decided to let my account revert back to free, as I no longer need the additional features, and was made aware that is not an option. I will now lose all of my reviews and have to start a new account to go back to free. In my opinion that is a shitty way to do business and that makes them make the shit list. I will never recommend them again and I will be looking for something new. Restaurants – Now in this case I give them three chances, I am working with several people (waitress, cook, cashier, etc.) so I try and take that into account. However if after three visits I consistently get poor service, bad food, or shitty attitude, I’m done! Once they make the shit list I never go back. People – Now this is where things get tricky, we don’t like to drop people off so easily but sometimes it has to be done. As we grow and find our place in life, and online, we change. Our friendships also change because the things we have in common start to shift. We focus more on business and less on things we deem time burners or negative filters. I’m here to tell you it’s OK. Let go of the friendship and move on. You will make new friends that do share your interests. No need to look back, be happy that they are following their path and you are following yours. You add them to the shit list to remind yourself that part of your life is over and there is no need to go back, it will just hold you down. Look the shit list is not like Aria’s shit list on GOT, your not out for revenge, you’re just done. No more arguing, no more stressing yourself out, no more wondering how you’re going to “deal with” things, people, places, situations. You just let them go and move on to bigger and better things. When you feel that stress level rising you make the choice right then, is this healthy? Does it help me move forward? Is the best option for me? If not does it need to make the shit list? If it does make the shit list, it is no longer worth your effort, it’s not going to have a positive outcome no matter what you do so move on and don’t look back. Do you have a shit list? If not maybe you should start one today and release yourself from the stress.