FAQ answered by Grim:

Do I have to be a member to work with Grim?

No, you do not have to be a member at this time. That may change as the site grows.  A La Cart services can be purchased by non-members but will be charged full price. Members get discounts on all A la Carte services. A la carte services include quotes, and hourly intensives.

What is the Tech Bar?

The Tech Bar is  like a virtual coffee bar (Bring your own coffee), an open space for networking, working, and learning. It’s actually ran through Free Conference Call and is a video chat platform like Zoom. Grim is available Mon – Fri either in the tech bar or on call if you need any WordPress support. You are also welcome to hang out and see who comes and goes. They may need your help, they may help you with something you need, or may make a new biz buddy!

The tech bar is for quick support not full intensive free services from everybody! You may get more out of Grim but time is always an issue and it depends on who all is the group. If a paid intensive is better suited for the project then that will be suggested.

What is the Monday Mastermind Meeting?

All members are invited to attend the Monday Mastermind Meeting. There is a form and complete details in the Members FB group so you can be prepared. We will check in on last week’s goals, set this week’s goals, discuss any struggles we had, and talk about how we can network throughout the week. The meeting is very structured and Grim asks that you be prepared for the meeting to allow everyone a chance to participate. Meetings are currently held at 12 noon CDT time. There is not a replay but Grim does post the highlights into the FB event for the meeting.

Do I get a website I can use for business?

Yes you will get a website with your membership. All websites are actually subsites of my hhmwp.com website. That means your url will be yourmembername.hhmwp.com

What is the difference between the tech bar and 1:1 support?

The tech bar is open to all group members at the same time. The point being your information is not private and depending on the day you may be the only one on the call or you may be the 5th person on the chat. When the chat is crowded I do my best to get to everyone but if the job takes more than 15 – 30 minutes (depending on the number of members logged in) we may need to schedule a one on one call. You always have the option to wait till I open the tech bar again or ask for message support.

If this becomes an issue I have a plan in place to notify and bump up the ones that were waiting from the last time.

One on one support is typically best for jobs that take longer than 30 minutes, require you to screen share private information, or that you feel more comfortable talking about in private.

How do you determine what is Tech Bar work and does Tech bar work cost?

You will be the one to determine if we take the chat 1:1 in most cases. I may recommend that we do, but ultimately the choice is yours. That being said, I’m not going to setup hosting, install your website, set up your email, load up your six essential plugins and train you on your new site in the tech bar. Let’s all just be realistic here. In a case like that, you will get a quote which will be discounted based on your membership. You may choose to tackle it yourself asking me questions on the on-call support as needed but if you want it all done for you then you will need to pay extra.

Does every member get some amount of one on one time included?

No, Only the Hustler Premium membership includes a 60 minute a month intensive.

How can I use my included one on one time if I don’t have any problems?

Submit a ticket and request I use your time to update your site, run a backup of your site, or do some other done for you project. I can clean out and update your plugins. I can check your settings, check your security, and more. We can discuss a scheduled custom monthly package for you if you if you like.

How fast can I get a 1:1 session?

Currently, the booking app is set to schedule 12 hours out. That way you and I both have time to prepare. If you need me sooner, members always have the option to send me a message and see if they can be worked in sooner.

How do you prevent overbooking or adding too many members?

Very good question and I’m glad you are thinking ahead, I think ahead too! The first thing I do is close the doors to membership. Some will come and go some will stay for a long while. I have a set limit on how many hours I will obligate myself to for membership while leaving an adequate amount of emergency time as well. Once I reach my own set limits I will lock up the site and everyone will have to get on the waiting list to see when a spot is open. The second thing I’m doing is allowing myself unscheduled time to fill the overload as I suspect it will spike or dip. I am also always ready to shift things as needed to make sure members get my full attention when needed, within reason.

How are payments processed?

All payments are processed through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you can opt to pay by credit card or bank card without signing up for PayPal. This is a reoccurring payment. Meaning each month, or year depending on your membership, your monthly fees will be automatically deducted from your account. To stop payments you will need to cancel your membership from the member dashboard.

Can I get a refund on membership?

No. You have complete control over your membership. You can cancel at any time to avoid the next payment being removed but once you are signed up there are no refunds on what has been paid. You will get email reminders of upcoming payments. Please check your email as it is your responsibility to cancel your membership if you would like to stop payments.

Can I get a refund on 1:1 calls?

No. As a member, you have the remainder of your membership to reschedule your session. If membership expires before you reschedule you need to talk to me before membership expires to discuss how long I’ll hold on rescheduling while you return as a member.