Welcome to Homegrown Hustlers

Hello, I’m Grim your friendly neighborhood tech nerd and founder of Homegrown Hustlers – Tech support for entrepreneurs.

If you’re new to the online business world or struggling with business-related tech, then Homegrown Hustlers is the place for you!

I created Homegrown Hustlers to give entrepreneurs, like you, an affordable option to learn the tech skills you need to build and grow your online business. This is a place where you can get group based tech support without expensive programs, drawn out email sequences, or video drip feeds.

This is a place for entrepreneurs that can work independently most of the time but could use a little assistance on tech projects or maintenance from time to time. Perfect for VA’s looking to expand their tech skills or that want to add WordPress services to their skill set.

If you are a DIY entrepreneur then I invite you to stick around and check out all the options I have to offer.

Homegrown Hustlers was created on the belief that successful, emotionally fulfilling businesses are created and grown through community, networking, dedication, determination, and awesome tech skills! 

How to work with Grim

Learning tech requires patience and involves many variables which will determine how long it takes for you personally. Unfortunately not everyone will pick it up in a day. What takes me five minutes to do may start out taking you three hours to do. Because of these many variables I highly recommend checking out all the options and then getting a quote. 

I’m here to help YOU learn tech skills, not do things for you. That being said in some cases it may make more sense for me to do it for you. For example if I determine your tech skills are not quite ready for working with code and a small amount of coding needs done so the project can move on, I’ll help you out. 

By the Hour

You need tech support for this issue only. You're not working on any big projects you just need a little help with this one issue. You want to work with me alone and need a video of the session.

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By the Month

You need ongoing tech support. You don't mind working in a group setting as long s you can access me daily. You have tech projects to work on and could use some help here and there.

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Get a Quote

You will need daily support available as well as several hours packaged up for one price. You may have one big project to work on or several small projects all going at the same time.

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Working with Grim was such a delightful experience. I had a tech issue that nobody could figure out for weeks and she did it quickly and easily. Her customer service…

Highly Recommend

I loved the help and assistance I got, and would highly recommend anyone to have their website built by Homegrown Hustlers.

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